Sunset over the Amazon

The sunset is a spectacular manifestation of the presence of God. In the Amazon, this spectacle shines even brighter, as if nature oitself resides in its waters and foliage. It's a place for dreaming. Each sunrise marks the start of a new working day when we turn our dreams into reality. We are the protagonists of development in partnership with nature.

Floating storage containers

Floating storage containers have a variety of uses: ro-ro and deck loading systems.

Water Transport

Water convoys for transporting grain (soybean, corn, ore...) are made up of box barges (forming the central prtion) and rake barges (at the head and stern of the convoy. The cellular production process joins the panels of the barges into blocks that are placed beside the bases.

Road Transport

Road freight connects the shipper and the consignee, generally complemented by water transportation. Both of these are necessary in the Northern Brazil, where the rivers are also "roads".

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Road Route

The northern region of Brazil was explored by pioneering transporters who opened roads using handheld tools and traveled them in their trucks.

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Water Transport Route

Between TBL ports, convoys of floating carriers transport semi-trailers built at the BECONAL shipyard - Bertolini Construção Naval da Amazônia Ltda.

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Em 06 de maio o diretor Administrativo Daniel Carvalho Bertolini e...

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18.07.2014Convenção dos Motoristas

A unidade do SEST/SENAT de Goiânia vai...

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18.07.2014II TranspoAmazônia reivindica melhorias em rodovias e navegação na Região Norte

Empresários, autoridades ...

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06.05.2014BAG recebe a primeira carga

Operando como Entreposto da Zona Franca de Manaus, na...

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